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About Us

Champions eLeague, LLC is the official strategic partner of Indiana Soccer Association serving the association’s member clubs with a state of the art platform for gamers to compete against one another in esports. Based out of Indiana, our goal is to ensure that children of appropriate age and all backgrounds have access to safe digital space where they can play with their peers in a fun and safe way.

The League

Esports is not a replacement for soccer, it provides kids with a unique opportunity to learn & understand the game from a bird’s eye view. However, every parent, coach, or guardian must acknowledge that 90% of our children are digitally engaged and play video games on a regular basis. This is actually a good thing. We at Champions eLeague see this as an opportunity to give children, coaches, and parents a platform to further bond and engage with one another in a fun & safe environment. Esports is opening up additional pathways for scholarships, social engagement, and sportsmanship.

With the spirit of improving children’s lives we are launching an esports league that will provide an additional layer of support to the grass soccer leagues to further enhance grassroots youth soccer development. Our goal is to provide a fuller, more rich experience to our players.

Program Uniqueness

Our program is unique and places the players’ health and safety as our top priority at all times.
  • Software focused on player safety

  • Parental accounts allow parents to stay involved

  • Kids play with their grass soccer peers and not online strangers

  • Dedicated League Commissioner to assist with players, coaches, and parents

  • Friendly yet fierce competition to promote spirit and sportsmanship

  • Participation in the eLeague is simple as all players may play from home in their off-hours during and between seasons.

  • A Strong focus on community play

How It Works

Each club will invite their players to participate in Champions eLeague, which will last 6 weeks and culminate in a final championship in Week 7. There is a fee of $10 per player, (discounted from $29.95 for the pilot league) which covers all costs of participation. Players will be required to own a copy of the FIFA ‘20 video game for either Xbox One or PlayStation 4. All players will play under the banner of their respective home club, representing your team officially in the Digital Esports League. Players will play from home and participate in 2 scheduled matches per week (approximately 1 hour total of play). Winners will be crowned as eLeague Champions with both winning players and winning clubs acknowledged.

Who Can Participate?

Participants are assigned to different according to their age groups. The league will offer the following age groups


12 years & under, (starting later this summer)


13 – 15 years of age


16 – 18 years of age


19 years old & older

Winners will be crowned as eLeague Champions with both winning players and winning clubs being acknowledged.

Both players have the responsibility to report the final score by using their mobile devices to take a picture of the match results and send it to the league commissioner via their device.

Players will be able to communicate with one another via a secure app to reschedule games in case of emergencies or unexpected family commitments.  All player and league communication is monitored by league commissioner and league administration to ensure appropriate conduct and safety.

All minor players MUST be registered and connect their account to a parental email address and/or account. It is free for parents to register.  Information required for registration are an email address, age, club name, console type, (Xbox or PlayStation) and phone number. Click here to get registered.

N.B. League registration, scheduling, and score reporting supported by our partners GYO Score. Click here to get registered.

  • Pilot League Registration Dates: Feb 22 – Mar 15
  • Open To All Indiana Youth Soccer Players Ages 13-14, 15-18, 19+ (12 & Under Leagues to Follow Next Session)
  • Cost $10 per player (Discounted from $29.95 for Pilot League)
  • League Season Dates: Mar 15 – Apr 19
  • League Finals: Apr 26

What You Need To Have

In order to participate in organized FIFA ‘20 gameplay, leagues, and events, all players are required to own their own personal licensed copy of the FIFA ‘20 video game published by Electronic Arts (EA Sports).  The FIFA ‘20 video game is available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles, which are also required to play. Finally, the player must have an online subscription to their respective gaming console in order to access online gameplay.

Champions eLeague and Indiana Soccer are in no way affiliated with EA Sports, Microsoft, Sony or other game makers or their business services and do not participate or share revenue in the sales of the video games.  While we are able to provide general support and instructions, we are not able to provide detailed technical support for these titles and are not liable for any malfunctions with the consoles or the games.

To help you with your setup, here are the three key components you need in order to provide the tools your children need to participate in video game leagues and events.

A game console is like a personal computer (PC) built specifically to connect to a television or monitor for the exclusive purpose of playing video games and apps.  For Champions eLeague, players must own or have access to either of the following home video game consoles:

Game consoles are available at retail stores nation wide for a price point around $499.  You can often find the consoles available used at retailers like GameStop or Best Buy. One console can play many video games.  The differences between the consoles are mostly related to the games available, but all leagues featured through Champions eLeague and Indiana Soccer will support both.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are incompatible with one another, meaning that a friend with an Xbox One cannot play with a friend with a PlayStation 4.  We recommend that you consult with your child and their friends to identify which console is the most appropriate for your child.

There are old versions of consoles from previous years which are NOT compatible with the league.  Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and some other consoles will not be compatible with gameplay in the league.

The Gaming SoftwareIn order to play video games on your console, you must purchase a copy of the video game license.  Video games may be purchased at most major retailers and come in a DVD case. Additionally, video games are available to be purchased within the digital online store of your video game console.

For Champions eLeague, the game we will be supporting first is FIFA 2020 and may be purchase with either the PlayStation 4 version or the Xbox One version.
A single copy of the video game may be played on a single console.  A friend can not share a copy of the game with another friend with both players playing at the same time.
Once purchased, insert the game into the gaming console of your choice, and the game will self-install.  If you purchase digitally, the game will self-install.

In order to play video games online, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles require a monthly subscription fee for online access.  These services are available for purchase directly on your gaming consoles.

For Xbox One, the subscription is called Xbox Live and costs $59.99 for 12 months, $24.99 for three months, and $9.99 for one month.  Gift cards may be purchased at retail, or you can purchase directly online.

For PlayStation 4, the subscription is called PlayStation Plus.  A 12-month subscription costs $59.99 (which is $4.99 per month) A 3-month subscription costs $24.99 ($8.33 per month) A one-month subscription costs $9.99.  Gift cards may be purchased at retail, or you can purchase directly online.