Player Pathway

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CESC’s Pre-Academy program is focused on improving motor skills, and soccer skills. The Pre-Academy is for boys and girls ages 7 to 8 and plays within a 4v4 format. Training is two times a week with one match day per week. Training is prepared to maximize ball touches while keeping the young players engaged and energized.


For more information, visit our Pre-Academy page

The Academy is a learning-centered program focused on building skills, coordination, motor skills, and a proper foundation for soccer success. The Academy was created and designed to instill proper soccer technique for young players to advance and grow through the game. As players progress through The Academy, training regimes get closer to the structure of our Express Junior and Senior program.


For more information, visit our Academy page

Columbus Express Soccer Club’s Junior program is a competitive environment geared towards developing a player’s attributes within the team. Junior Team players will be taken through a year of learning the roles, traits, attributes, skills, decisions, and demands needed to be a high-achieving player.


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Senior Teams at Columbus Express Soccer Club are put through a program most closely aligned with the attributes and rigors of collegiate soccer. Players will be pushed and driven in a competitive environment with the focus on earning results, maximizing strengths, and minimizing weaknesses. A large focus of the Senior Teams will be on high-level performance, the preparation needed to win, and understanding, identifying, and solving problems of the game.


For more information, visit our Seniors page